English and Education For You


We work hard to combat global warming.

Gender Equality

We try to give girls important life skills.


We teach English, because we know it broadens their horizons.

Learn English

We run free-of-charge mid-week English programs. We have six public schools with toilets, permitting more than 8000 students to work in the good hygienic conditions at school. This project has been achieved thanks to the support of the U.S through its Embassy in Cote d’Ivoire. We also run free English courses for adults.

Education is the core of the world development and as we are living in a country where fifty-one percent of the population can't read and write, so our goal is to support the Government by promoting education.

However, the English language remains to be one the international languages that connect the people of the world today. So we added this Language in our vision to support anyone who expresses the desire to learn and doesn't have the financial resources. It is also the way to invite everyone who express his/her desire to join our team, we always have a position available for you, regardless of whether you are National or International. All of our programs are free of charge!

Environment and Conservation

Every year we work to organize a tree planting operation in our community, fighting against climate change. Last year we managed to plant as many as 400 trees in the schoolyard of our community.

The Ivory Coast is home to several Unesco World Heritage Sites. One such example includes Mount Nimba. It rises above the surrounding savannah where Ivory Coast. It is a beautiful mountain which is covered by dense forest, harbouring a rich variety of flora and fauna, including chimpanzees.

Ivory Coast boasts three more Unesco World Heritage Sites including Comoe National Park, one of the largest protected areas in West Africa, and Tai National Park, home to 11 species of monkeys.

Gender equality

We run Glow Girls, a group aimed at promoting gender equality.
Some of our activities have included:

An activity based on encouraging resilience through mathematics, drawing and writing.

Calling upon the girls to reflect on a moment in which they had to work hard in order to achieve something.

Menstrual hygiene awareness day.

Reading sessions.

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